Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Project RE "Old Hollywood"

NEWS FLASH: I have just been given the "go-ahead" to write a book related to Old Hollywood (the real story is still Top Secret) for a neighbor/friend of mine... this is amazing news, because this story is just begging to get out to all of you who love old movies based on the history and true, original movie stars from the Old Hollywood era... you know who you are! I am honored and thrilled to be part of this new project, which will probably move to the top of my priority "work list" and for good reason (you will know the reason once you read the story).


  1. Wow, this is really cool! I will be staying tuned to learn more. Good luck!

  2. Hi Suze, when I'm there in a few weeks time remind me to talk to you about this. Some 10 years ago I was talking to a friend about something similar.