Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flashback to the 70's!!

WOW. I mean, way cool, dude; what a trip... bitchin'! I had my 8th Grade Class Reunion last Saturday night from Mission Grammar School (San Gabriel, CA) Class of 1978! These are the kids I literally grew up with, whom I went to school with from 1st through 8th grades back in the heart of the 1970's. I'm talking bright pink LoveIt Jeans, Chemin de fer jeans (yes, I wore these in many styles!), hair styled with "wings" and all the lovely tunes of the 70's including "Afternoon Delight", "I Like Dreamin'" and so many more!

I must honestly say that my old childhood classmates are the greatest group of people and have all grown into such nice, intelligent, stable beings. It was such a pleasure to reminisce (and it was surprising how much we remembered, down to food fights at lunch time, who got scolded by which teacher and when, what our classrooms looked like, who was a cheerleader, where we first played "Spin the Bottle" etc) and also to try to catch up as much as possible on the last 30 or so years of our lives. It was amazing, mind boggling and just a blast to do this.

I had been a bit hesitant to go solo, for my husband would not really have known anyone and with him staying home we would not need to spend over $60 on a babysitter. However, it was the best thing I could have done. I was able to engage in many wonderful conversations, focus on those of my old friends who were present and not have to make sure my husband was having fun, not feeling left out, and included. I love bringing my husband to parties but I do not know if it would have been as fun for him as it was for me. We also were able to share our feelings about the unfortunate news of a few of our old classmates who had passed away. It was bittersweet at times and made me even more aware of how precious friendships are and how fleeting life can be for some. It really helped me count my blessings.

I would highly recommend to those who have an opportunity to attend grade school, high school or even college reunions to do so. I happened to enjoy school and have always loved attending reunions. But even if school was not your favorite time of life, it is amazing how the little, petty, unpleasant parts are long forgotten and the new, now, real people before you are what is left to focus on and enjoy at class reunions.

We stood in a circle and went around as a group, each sharing our feelings on what it was like to walk into the party, what our first thought was, what we were up to, and to just say hello to everyone.

I look forward to many continued friendships from this reunion, more gatherings and creating new memories from old friendships that are now being revitalized. What a blessing it was to go to my 8th grade reunion!