Friday, October 29, 2010

WARBIRDS, a screenplay by Suzanne Sumner Ferry. Story by Dennis Maguire, Danny Eccleston and Suzanne Sumner Ferry


During WWII, several handpicked beauties that are among the top female pilots in the country (and the first female pilots in the military, called WASPs: Women Air Force Service Pilots) risk their lives, create lifelong friendships and form passionate romances as they perform heroic ferrying missions across America out of Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas. Their sometimes life-threatening journeys across the country to deliver much-needed medical, food and emergency supplies while our male pilots fought overseas did not come without a price. Several of these brave WASPs lost their lives flying through dangerous weather conditions, and although these top-notch female pilots proved their aviation skills tenfold, they were met with prejudice and judged by many. Although these women epitomized glamour and beauty, they were not afraid to get dirty, sleep in dusty barracks, hide their romances or take risks. These women were young, sexy, and loved to flaunt their beauty in high heels as most of them were from America’s elite, but their greatest passion was flying for our country regardless of the sacrifice.

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Always a Bridesmaid, a Screenplay by Suzanne Sumner Ferry

Always a Bridesmaid

Suzanne Sumner Ferry

You are cordially invited to read the quirky romantic comedy, Always a Bridesmaid.

In order to get her mother and friends off her back, a bridesmaid veteran decides to fake her own wedding to have her day in the white dress. Many unexpected romances and hilarious situations develop. The woman is finally slapped in the face with reality and finds the right guy for the right reason…

… Even though she may still remain Always a Bridesmaid.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

HALF-LIFE, a screenplay written by Suzanne Sumner Ferry

“It is double the pleasure to deceive the deceiver.”  -- Jean de la Fontaine

Genre: Thriller

A disturbed young woman, raised in poverty and abuse, learns she has an identical twin that was reared in luxury. The troubled girl plots to take her sister’s life… both literally and figuratively. She takes on her murdered sister’s identity at a prestigious boarding school, with none the wiser. As she begins to befriend her dead sister’s lifelong friend and former nanny, many suspicions begin to surface. Her mental instability becomes more apparent and she learns her plan has not succeeded. Tables are turned and the desperate woman becomes a dangerous suspect. The hunter becomes the hunted in this fast-paced thriller.

Written by:
Suzanne Sumner Ferry
cell: 562.572.5660

This screenplay has placed twice in the semi-finals for the Page International Screenwriting Contest, 2008 and 2010

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