Monday, March 9, 2015

Onward and Upward... Day by Day...

So as I write this latest and long overdue post to my "Ferry Tales" blog, I reminisce back to a few years ago... I was taking my son Carson, then about 5-1/2 years old, to one of his many auditions. Carson got his first on-camera job at age 9 months, and has since been in a few short films. I had so much fun watching him taking his acting workshops and going to auditions for the first few years. Slowly though, I found myself wanting to have the experience for myself. This secret dream of mine had been locked away for a long time. I never felt like sharing it because I always thought it would sound laughable -- I mean, ME? Acting? Yeah, I just did not have the nerve... yet.
But a few years ago I decided on my own to start jazzing up my stay-at-home mommy and writing jobs by adding a third job: acting. I went very slowly, one day at a time, by checking out the casting websites. I was familiar with these sites thanks to Carson and his wonderful agency (CESD), so I joined a few of them and created my own profiles, using "selfies" as my head shots in the beginning. I wanted to start out as a background actor, or "extra," to get my feet wet.
Once I had shared my new ambition with my husband and family, and then my closest friends, the loftiness factor kind of faded. I was welcomed with encouragement and cheers and well wishes. What a treat!
I  did a few background jobs, then I had some head shots taken, then I got my nerve up enough to audition for a small speaking role in a children's feature film. I practiced and practiced and sent in my audition via (which is not all that unusual, by the way). I did not get the gig. But I don't get discouraged easily, so I kept trying. And I signed up for my first acting class since high school. I had done three musicals in high school, which was a great experience for me.
Anyhow, about a month after I submitted myself for the small speaking role in the children's feature film, the same producers called me. They had enjoyed my youtube audition but had already cast the role. They were interested in my auditioning for another part in a different feature film. A role of a mineralogist. I thought this was amazing because I am kind of a nerd at heart and I wear glasses most of the time.
Well, fate took its course and I got the gig. This led me to an amazing ten days in the Philippines shooting all my scenes in TREASURE HUNTERS  ( ). My next post will be about my experience in the Philippines and all the great people I met. It will also explain how that let to me being in about ten more features (some parts small, some bigger, and one more lead role) plus about 20 TV appearances (some parts small, some bigger, and a couple of leads), two infomercials and two game shows later, plus landing an agent. Things are moving and I'm taking it all in and loving every minute.
My husband has been so very supportive that I could not do this without him. My father, who once was asked to direct with Bernard Kowalski and had directed theatrical productions in high school, has been very encouraging. Even my mom and closest friends, my sister, my kids; everyone is happy to see me going down this new, exciting path. I still have a strong passion to write, but this creative endeavor of acting is also bringing me much joy.
Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon to talk about the Philippines.


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