Thursday, March 12, 2015

PUPPY LOVE: My Kiddies, My Husband, and Our Two Beagle Brothers!

Hello Friends,
I've not yet mentioned much about a couple of family member in the Ferry Farm who are very important to all of us, and who are an integral part of the dynamics of our household.
I am referring to "Buddy" (age 9.5 yrs), and "Diogi" (age 5 yrs). Both of our dogs were rescued, both are purebred 100% Beagles with papers and microchips but definitely not show dogs. One reason is because they both have been "fixed" and the other is that their personalities are not of the show dog type. Our doggies are brothers in arms, double-trouble, mischief makers, and loveable, sweet, kid-loving playmates.
Buddy came into our family before we had our oldest child, Carson. Buddy was my loveable "baby" after I suffered from a failed pregnancy. He loved me unconditionally, let me hold him, bond with him, kiss him and cry with him in my arms for many months before I felt strong again. Of course, my husband was also there for me as well, in so many ways I couldn't even begin to mention. But something about an innocent, sweet puppy nestling in your arms while getting used to his new family and "parents" is so comforting, so pure, and so secure.
Diogi was rescued when I found out that a "young, boy Beagle" near Vegas was in need of a home because his owner couldn't keep him due to military travel and mobility. He had been an indoor dog, but once he got to our home became Buddy's new outdoor mate. He had been taught to jump up on your lap, and was a wild, high-spirited dog. But he is fun, runs around doing laps in our yard at night, loves to play with the kids, climbs our play center ladder and slides down many times a day, and is a handful. The two dogs complement each other well, as Buddy is a bit older and less rambunctious, and Diogi gets Buddy up, moving and playing. Buddy is a calming presence for Diogi. It works well.
So I felt like introducing our pets because they are important and much-loved members of our family.
I know the true meaning of "Puppy Love" because of our two boy Beagle brothers.

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